All pet portrait sessions are bespoke, individually designed for your pet(s), as every pet has a different personality and needs. Studio sessions are a lot of fun for both you and your dog! You will also be able to choose your favourite props to help show your dog off best and perhaps even ‘fit your decor’!? My aim is to capture your pet’s personality in the best possible way so you receive images you love and could treasure for a lifetime. Because as a ‘pet parent’ you deserve the best images you have ever seen of your pet.

Should you prefer, pet photography sessions can also take place at your chosen location as some older pets may prefer and appreciate secure surroundings and home comforts.

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that all of the images of the animals below are of everyday ordinary pets who are not trained to sit still or ‘behave’, so rest assured your precious fur-baby will be just fine as well.

Would you like me to create some of the most beautiful images you are ever likely to see of your best friend as well? Here’s how it works:


Step 1 – book a pet photography session

First step is to contact me – this will enable us to discuss about the best options for you and your pets needs. Why not drop in, have a cuppa and introduce your fur-baby? During this complementary studio consultation you will also have a chance to look around and get a better idea of the types of products I offer. And you will also receive a little leaflet on how to get best out of your photo session ie how to prepare your dog for the ‘big day’.

Step 2 – photography session

We encourage you to arrive a little earlier to give your pet a chance to relax and get familiar with the new surroundings. If your dog starts off a little nervous, don’t worry as we will make sure we will give them enough time to relax until they are ready. Photo sessions are a great fun for the dogs but the owners find it equally entertaining! All you need to do is turn up and have some fun!

Step 3 – viewing & ordering

After the photo session, I will invite you back to view your images in the studio. Time to have another cuppa whilst choosing your favourites… Don’t worry I won’t make you dizzy showing you hundreds of images, just the best ones! I am here to advise you on the best artwork to really showcase your pet(s).

Step 4 – Artwork Delivered

After the viewing session, (it will take anywhere between a few days to few weeks for your artwork to arrive , depending on what you order)you will see your favourite images in print. The vision has finally materialised!