The short story of how and why it all started. Chris had an idea to get out on our daily exercise during the lockdown but dressed as a flamingo! Why? His answer: “But why not?” and  “To make people smile during these difficult times!” 🙂 Four weeks in and we are still going strong…he’s currently walking 8 of his pets on 12 different routes to bring smiles to as many people as possible. Even I am currently considering a pet for myself to join him! We are not planning to stop any time soon so the routes are planned out until August 2020 (apparently!).

This following little bit has been taken from an article in  Wokingham paper: “Every day, Christopher Elvin can be spotted taking one of his menagerie out for an evening stroll. His brood includes a flamingo called Agnes, a pig called Rasher and Dorothy the zebra. Oh, and there’s Sparkles the unicorn and Tommy the dinosaur. Each of them is taken for some exercise from around 5pm daily, except for Sundays. Christopher and his colourful costumes brighten up people’s days on 12 set routes, each one starting from Sainsbury’s in Winnersh.”


“I often get chatting with people on my exotic pet walks – even if it is just for them to ask me “just how mad are you?” 😊, or even tell me “you’re a hero!” – seriously!!!??? But occasionally some more serious subjects come up and one such conversation sparked an idea in my head. The conversation was about how we might remember the lockdown in years ahead. It is (hopefully) an extremely rare occasion and will eventually start to fade into the recesses of our memory. The idea I had kills two birds with one stone in, that it provides a memento of lockdown and also raises funds for The Royal Berks NHS Trust.

My wife Kerto is a professional pet photographer and because she has not been able to work at all during lockdown, she has more free time than usual. I jokingly suggested that she did a photoshoot with all our “new pets” and so the idea was born. We spent a whole afternoon in the garden taking photos with all the pets in turn and then Kerto spent 4 days combining the best photos together into a single image. She has designed some posters that we would like to offer as a reminder of some of the light-hearted moments that we have spread throughout the community during this most difficult of times.

Each poster will be printed to order, delivered to your door and for each poster purchased, we will donate £6 to charities. The charities we are currently fundraising for are:

  • The Cowshed ( which provides support to people of all backgrounds in a time of personal crisis. The aim of The Cowshed is to provide good quality cleaned and ironed clothes and other essentials free to anyone in need.


  • First Days ( whose aim is to reduce the long term effect of poverty on children by equipping them with the essential items they need for their early years and at school.

With the cost of printing etc, this only leaves a pound or two left over as a contribution for Kerto’s efforts in producing these remarkable posters and providing her with an income – however small. By ordering posters, you are gaining a meaningful piece of memorabilia, helping a local small business and most importantly, helping some local small charities

Christopher Elvin

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