A unique opportunity for your pet to be photographed amongst hay, agricultural items and gundog themed props etc.

These Heritage style sessions are held throughout a year in Kerto Studio, so if you have been thinking of taking part , please get in touch below to book.

As each one of my Limited Editions themes are unique, the props and other available items may vary from what you see in the images here. One thing is for sure – there will always be hay involved! There will also be a variety of vintage, agricultural and antique items. On the day you will have the opportunity to choose what you’d like to include in your images. Please note that dead birds are not included by default but can be brought in by you if you’d like to add them.

The normal heritage style images seen above here have not received my Old Masters Style background edit but you can order it as an optional extra (read below)

What is included with your Heritage Experience

Studio pet photography sessions offer you and your pet an opportunity to create some one-of-a-kind fine art pet portraits of your furry, feathered or scaly friends by award-winning specialist pet photographer.
Each session includes the following:

  • Pre photo session consultation
  • Up to 2 hr studio photography session
  • Up to 3 pets (more pets? Please enquire at the time of booking)
  • Up to 2 'pet parents' (if you'd like to be included)
  • Cinematic viewing and ordering appointment at Kerto Studio
  • Up to 30 images to choose from

Cost: £90

There is no minimum spend nor obligation to purchase anything. Printed products and digital files available. For more info on what's available including their pricing, please read more about products here.

The heritage style images seen above here have received the Old Masters Style background edit.


Because of the nature of Heritage style sessions, there will already be hay and other old style props ready for you. To make the session more personal for you, please feel free to bring anything else you’d like to include, for gundog owners these may be:

  • Tweed coat(s)
  • Gundog bag(s)
  • Boot(s)
  • Hat(s)
  • Empty cartridges
  • Cartridge belts
  • Gun(s) (make sure you have proper license or only bring de-commissioned)
  • Gundog bag(s)
  • Training dummies
  • Taxidermy animals
  • Any other gundog and or/shooting accessories

Please note, the more you bring the more variety we can create so more is better 😊 If you’re happy not to add any personalised items, that is also fine! On the day there will be a variety of images taken to make sure we get the best shots of your dog(s). If you do bring dead bird(s), I will also take some images without them, for more variety.



Once we have photographed your pet(s), you will have an option to commission me to turn your favourite image(s) into painterly artworks by applying my Old Masters Style background edit.

Every such picture will receive a completely different treatment, hence there are no shortcuts to creating these types of artworks – I have been known to spend 30+ hours refining one such image!

Regarding backgrounds: I usually suggest the best fitting background to your chosen image(s). If you do have something you’d like me to add at the background, I am of course happy to oblige, however, often your image(s) will have slightly different lighting, background colour and/or perspective, which all may mean that your preferred backdrop might not be the best fit for your image(s). We will have a play around during your viewing and ordering appointment to finalise this.

COST: £150 per image

The images shown here with old masters style paintings on the background have my the Signature Collection edit applied.


  • I will never force a pet to do something he/she is not comfortable with
  • Around 30 individually edited fine-art photographs of your pet(s) to select from
  • Printed portraits are priced from £80. All Debit and Credit cards accepted; payment plans available; Paypal and bank transfer also accepted
  • Want to create a real WOW factor and a true talking point? Huge, 40″ and even 60″ artworks available


Great! Why not make a day or even weekend of it? For clients who come from a longer distance, I can offer same-day or next-day viewings. How this usually works is, you come for a photo session in the morning, then pop out and have lunch and/or day out visiting near-by areas, (Windsor or Henley-on-Thames for example). You can then come back to the studio for your viewing and ordering appointment in the afternoon/evening or the next day (if next day, this will mean overnight stay) so you wouldn’t have to make two trips. If you would like more information and to discuss some options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Depending where in the world you are, this is probably completely possible! Simply get in touch!

If you’re interested in a photo session with Kerto Studio please get in touch, I would be delighted to create beautiful artworks with your spacial friend(s) too!

Do you have any questions? You will probably find it answered here: If not, please feel free to call call or email me

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