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Hi, I'm Kerto - Artist with a camera

Kerto Elvin

I specialize in fine art contemporary portraits, these include beauty, glamour, pet, personal branding, families and generations portraits. I have just recently opened my very own boutique portrait studio in Winnersh, Wokingham. This has meant I can now offer my clients both on-location and studio photography! I am really grateful for this opportunity as I am able to do what I love most – capture my subject’s inner beauty and personality! We have a lot of fun during the photography sessions…we tend to open our hearts and share ideas, most of the times we end up laughing a lot! It is my passion and happy place to bring the best out of my subjects and make them look and feel beautiful in my images.

I would describe my style as romantic and classical at the same time. I love to  document people in photographs with the future in mind. When we see a 150 year old photograph, what do we see? I aim create images you can be proud of, after all these will be seen by your great-great grand kids one day… 🙂

But why an “Artist with a camera” and not simply a “photographer”? Once an artist – always an artist – I have over 30 years of art and design experience including drawing, painting, graphic & web design.

Selection of oil paintings created between 2003-2015


I made an early start with photography… quite frankly, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as I had so many interests! I still do – life and people excite me, so it’s difficult to choose one ‘favourite’ from them all!
Most of all, I love creating something exceptional and beautiful -I strive to be the best I can and I try never to compare myself with anybody else but the younger, perhaps less experienced me.

As a 13 year old, I started developing my own films & photos at a young photographers club ran by a professional photographer Mati Pakler. I was so inspired by the process and results that I decided to set up my own dark room about a month later so I could have my very own ‘mystery lab’ where all the “weird and wonderful” images appeared… It was fun and I really miss those times!

Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to photograph all aspects of life. I believe this has given me a wide variety of skills to tackle even the most challenging photographic assignments.

Until now I have used several digital cameras, it’s mainly been Canon since 1997 but I’ve now taken the leap and my current kit includes Sony a9 and Sony a7R III with E-mount G series lenses… and of course various studio lights, soft boxes, reflectors, backdrops etc.
Plus to help me with editing, A3 Wacom Intuos PRO graphics tablet.


It makes my heart sing when I receive clients testimonials describing how wonderful their portrait photography session made them feel and how much they love their images! And this is exactly why I love what I do so much.

Building one’s self-esteem and confidence begins at an early age – when we are introduced to our first social interactions in pre-school and kindergarten. Malicious words are very hurtful and can leave long-lasting scars. I’ve made it my mission to make sure Kerto Studio provide a safe and empathetic atmosphere where you are allowed to be your truest self! People of all ages are encouraged to celebrate their individuality – we are all unique and worthy of feeling beautiful.

I would love to hear from you – please get in touch so we can discuss about how you’ve always dreamed of being photographed! Portrait photography sessions are for everyone – individuals, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and couples, you are welcome to join in and enjoy a day of inducement and fun!

This is my “why”. Thank you for putting your trust in me!


So, what can you expect on the day of the photoshoot? Call me a relaxed individual and that’s a good thing right? But make no mistake – I will have taken a considerable amount of time to prepare for the day beforehand. This will have included a thorough chat with you about your likes, dislikes, your ‘must haves’, poses, clothing, locations etc. etc. etc. because if it’s important for you to hire a professional, then it’s certainly even more important for me to come up with trumps!

One question, I hear most and I thought I’d answer it here and then (as we are on the subject of setting the expectations…) “Can you make me really beautiful and lose my crow’s feet, double-chin, my freckles, birthmarks….?” The answer is yes I can! But I generally suggest a bit of make-up before the photoshoot as that tends to work most of the time. Voila – problem solved! 🙂

Image by Pat Rowell