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Camera is just the beginning!

I decided to make a video of my editing process. I get asked all the time what goes into my image editing process. And the best way to answer I thought was with a video. Below is just one example with one image. I take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours to edit images from a single photo session. I believe the devil really is in the detail, hence I make sure each and every image I present to my [...]

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Finally we have some snow – yeeey! Well, it was OK yesterday but today is a different story! We are all literally snowed in, yes another one of those things Brits do very well…! So I just couldn’t stay in…I had to get out and get some snowy imagery! So Pat and I decided to head out towards Hambleden in search for more snow, hoping there’s more on higher grounds, that wasn’t the case…however, the weather forecast promised some so we [...]

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Lauren in Kerto Studio

Last Friday I had an amazing model Lauren Offin in my studio… We went through several outfits using different hairstyles and lighting. Lauren does her own hair and make-up which is a bonus! The image below took about 2 hours to edit (one day I’ll do a video of how I edit my images. I always get into the groove and completely forget about recording my process). I ended up taking about 400 images over a period of 4 hours and came [...]

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Christmas 2017

How was my Christmas you may ask. Well I felt the need to tell you… As we were heading towards the festive season, for some reason I didn’t get into the spirit at all. It’s almost as though someone was telling me not to bother this year. I didn’t bother putting a tree up, nor any decorations…yeah quite strange, or lazy you might say? Call it what you like but read on… Now, I know I’ve been less than impressed about [...]

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Honeymoon in Peru

Why Peru? I feel the need to start from the beginning – turn back time a bit, quite a bit in fact, to the year 1992…this is so that you understand why Peru in the first place. During my time in Tartu Art College, part of our curriculum was to get some real time teaching practice in, which we did…but during one of those times, we assisted some mentally challenged young people. All I can remember from that time was this [...]

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What will you leave for future generations?

Why print?  There are so many answers to this question, I don’t know where to start! Over the years in history of photography, the printed product has always been the ‘end game’ something the long process ended with. The last 10 years or so, this last step has been taken away from us as it were! Somehow the digital image has taken place of that last step in the full process of photography. If we didn’t have printed products from the [...]

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Copyright infringement left right and center

I thought I’d write about this as I’ve taken things into my own hands… Just for fun I did a  Google image search for my Bluebells picture and low and behold, PAGES of search results of various websites using my image without my consent! What do I do?? Well, I’ve left it last time I googled it but this time I’ve found a lot more than I bargained for: my copyright notice and signature has actually been removed and [...]

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Sveta with kids

Once again, we’ve been waiting for better/warmer weather for another outdoor shoot….this April and May have been so unpredictable, every time you plan a shoot, the weather changes again! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE outdoor shoots, there’s something so natural and beautiful about it all… Perhaps it’s because it just makes people happy, puts a smile on everyone’s faces! So here are a few images of that shoot. All taken with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L [...]

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Sculpture Park, Farnham

Had a fab opportunity to visit this amazing place last week. At first I wasn’t convinced about travelling an hour to see some ‘random’ sculpture park BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! This place was incredible! The pieces of sculpture were scattered around this small piece of ancient woodland, every piece of sculpture looked like part of the landscape, making this place look totally surreal! I would TOTALLY recommend this place!!! Oh and if you are a photographer, forget [...]

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Kids in Bluebells

Four photoshoots with kids within 24 hours is no mean feat, especially with a dodgy back (sciatica)…but I wasn’t going to miss it for another year, come what may!!! I’m still recovering btw! 🙂 Will have my second physiotherapy session tonight, I am hoping to recover 100% very soon but I’m told it’s a long process… It is what it is, self-inflicted wounds so I am not after your sympathy – I deserve every bit of it LOL!   This lovely [...]

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Portrait Photo Art

NEW SERVICE! The double exposure idea has been around for a long time, I remember doing it accidentally with film cameras when I forgot to wind it forward…the outcome could be great or disastrous! These days, with digital its much easier to judge the outcome as I can look at the results instantly and decide whether to take another one or not. What I love about double exposure is creating that magic which always has that element of surprise to it. [...]

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Frosty sunrise

Frosty morning

  I’d been waiting for a frosty morning for a while now. The weather forecast predicted about -5C so I was up at 5am (before the birds!)… I had Pat, a camera club buddy with me to help me get up and navigate to all the beautiful spots! We drove around the countryside in the middle of nowhere, got out of the car here and there to take some shots but I think we found a cracker with this place! All the [...]

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Music for my videos

There are many free music clips sites out there but I’ve been struggling to find something unique that would fit with my videos displaying my image editing process, so I just decided to write my own! 🙂 Well with a little help from an App on my phone called ‘Soundcamp’. It makes writing music very easy indeed…and although I’ve had 7 years of music school education, it would be considerably more time-consuming to create something like this from scratch! For all [...]

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Estonia, June 2015

OK, I’ll make a start at describing this 2 week ‘holiday’ as ‘the two weeks from hell’. Maybe a bit strong but with all that was going on (which I am not going to go into), I don’t think I am not exaggerating too much… However, the moments with my camera, on my own, in the middle of nowhere, hunting down and capturing the beauty of Estonian nature…those were the moments which I am delighted to share with you here. Trip out to [...]

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Noordwijk flower festival 2015

So, this is the fourth and final installment of my trip to Belgium to photograph bluebells, see where it ended up…!? This series of photographs are just captures of this fabulous place and event. I haven’t tried to prettify the images too much, a simple suitable crop and levels for each, is about all I’ve done to these, so enjoy!  

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Lisse Tulip fields

Part three of this series from Belgium. As it was raining at Hallerbos, we decided to drive north to see if we can find some tulip fields instead (as it’s the right time of the year!). I really didn’t fancy getting soaked photographing bluebells as after all I managed to get some good shots the day before…so off we were! On our way to Lisse, we came across some people wearing yellow jackets, managing thousands of cars and coaches in the area. Came out, [...]

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I’ve done it: Kerto Koppel-Catlin, LRPS

Well, as the title says, I am chuffed to bits to have achieved the Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society!!! 🙂 And this was the email I received yesterday: “I am delighted to inform you that your Licentiate recommendation has now been ratified by Council. Please find the attached LRPS Emblems which you are entitled to use on stationery, business cards and websites. The Royal Photographic Society’s Distinctions are recognised as measures of achievement throughout the world and you should be [...]

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So this second installment from the trip to photograph bluebells, will cover our little journey to Bruges on our way back home. I was really hoping for a better weather but what we consider bad weather, I’ve learnt, can sometimes turn out to be the opposite! When walking around the city, I soon realised that the grey and moody sky actually complemented the colour of the architecture and lifted the buildings! A simple blue sky would have actually looked quite ‘touristy’ and [...]

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Trip to photograph bluebells

Hallerbos I just felt the need to share a few photos with you from my recent visit to Belgium. It was a very last minute trip where I came across this image of Hallerbos bluebell forest on the web somewhere (on a Tuesday). It inspired me so much that I ended up booking the trip on the same day for the same weekend! Somehow I just knew I’ve got to get there, with or without a budget for it! But before I booked the [...]

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Spurn Point and a FREE Camera RAW preset…

On 30th December 2014, I visited a delightful place called Spurn Point where I had 3.5 hours of wonderful time with me, my camera, the sea and the sunset! I took over 400 photos which I will not upload here, only a few of the best maybe… But the real reason for this post is to share a little preset with you which worked wonders for me! Below is an image which I discarded to start off with and then I [...]

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RPS (Royal Photographic Society)

As you might have guessed from the title, I have recently joined the Royal Photographic Society. For some reason I’ve never entered any proper photographic print competitions, so I figured it’s about time I did… So for the next few months I will be spending some time on carefully selecting a body of images which would stand up to the scrutiny of the RPS judges! To make the progress a bit easier for myself, I have also joined WEBCC (Wokingham and East [...]

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West Green House & Gardens

Date: Satuday, 31 May 2014 Place: West Green House and gardens I have found a paradise, I thought…it can’t get any better than this!!! Well, could have been bit more sunny but I think I’ve managed to fix that by photoshopping the sun in the pictures… Path to Paradise Flight of a Bumblebee Bumblebee Forget-me-nots Reflection Meadow  

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Photos on Getty Images

Today I am happy to announce that 12 of my new images have been approved by Getty images and are now available HERE   I have been asked “What criteria did you have to match to become a contributor on Getty Images?” My answer is this: I think I was in the right place at the right time! Getty Images approached me about a year ago to submit a few images I displayed on Flickr. I have moved on from there and I am contributing [...]

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Amberley River Sunset

This image was taken quite a few years ago so I can’t actually recall what camera I used at the time, all I can remember from than absolutely delightful, almost magical summer evening, is the cows eating by the side of the river Arun, the stillness of air and the gorgeous sunset!

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Gold Hill in Shaftesbury

I absolutely adore this place! Hence you can see just 1 edit of the same image simply wasn’t going to be enough! 🙂

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White ponies at sunset

Another absolutely magical summer evening in 2012, where I happened to drive past a field filled with white ponies!!! Breathtaking beauty…so I had to get back home ASAP, change my clothes , grab the camera bag and head back out! Oh boy, the incredible satisfaction which filled me was indescribable! I parked up by the side of the road and found my way in the field…there were about 30 ponies, ALL WHITE!!!! They started walking towards me….I got more [...]

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This image has been my most successful image of all time. You can see the before and after images below. Quite ordinary dull day but I saw the potential in my head!!! Yes I did play with it in Photoshop quite a lot – I believe in using all the tools in my toolbox 🙂

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