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Before you are ready to book your specialist pet portrait photography session, you may have hundreds of questions. I have tried to answer the ones I hear my clients ask most often. If you don’t find your question answered,

Please feel free to get in touch either by email or by calling me – I’m here to help!

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Q: Where do the pet portrait photo sessions take place?
A: Your pet portrait photo sessions will take place either at Kerto Studio in Winnersh, Wokingham or at your chosen location. I offer both, studio and on-location photography, whichever style you prefer! 🙂

Q: What if the weather is bad?
A: For studio sessions, this is not a problem, however for outdoor sessions, we will re-arrange if heavy rain is forecast – as much I love rain, the same cannot be said about my camera gear!

Q: Does my dog need to be groomed before the session?
A: The short answer is, it’s completely up to you. A bit longer answer is, depends on the breed! Some breeds can look better when groomed, but if you prefer them as they are, your pet is still the same your dear pet whether it’s groomed or not! 🙂 From my point of view – I prefer that dogs eyes are visible, the eyes are after all windows to their soul and I feel images will miss that special connection without visible eyes.
Something else to remember: if you normally get your dog placed in a ‘pet’ clip by your groomers then I would advise this to be done around 3 to 4 weeks prior to the shoot – this will give you enough time so the clip marks will have grown out. In case, your dog is a show dog and the breed trait requires to have hair over the face, then I am of course happy to work around whatever you prefer.

Q: My dog never sits still long enough, would you still be able to get nice pictures of them?
A: Absolutely! Its quite rare I get a chance to photograph perfectly behaved dogs, most are full of energy and want to run around, including many of the dogs you see on my website!
Whether outdoor or studio sessions, I use various professional photography techniques to be able to capture a variety of beautiful images of your dogs so you need never worry about that!

Q: Can you add pet parents in the pictures as well?
A: Yes of course! Whether you would like to include the whole of you or you’re a bit camera shy, I can include just hands, paws, boots and other parts, there are many options to do this!

Q: What is included with my session? ​
A: Depending on what you purchase, but to give you an idea on what is included with just studio sessions, please follow this link: https://kerto.studio/studio-photography/ 
To see what is included with on-location sessions, please follow this link: https://kerto.studio/studio-photography/ 


Q: Can you photograph nervous pets?
A: Absolutely! I have met and successfully photographed a number of nervous dogs, there is no rush during your photo session and with up to 2 hours of time, we will give your pet all the time and space it needs 🙂

Q: My dog can’t be off lead, are you still able to photograph them on-location?
A: Most certainly! We will simply use Photoshop to get rid of the leads later in post processing. I will help you by showing you the best way to hold the lead during our photo session so it will be easier for me to edit it out.

Q: What if my dog doesn’t take commands very well?
A: That’s the name of the game: some dogs are complete rebels and some are just angels – regardless of your dog’s obedience levels, all dogs are welcome and can be worked with! ‘Sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’ are good to have but certainly not essential and really not that important. Its nice if they can, but doesn’t really matter if they can’t or won’t!

Q: How safe will my pet(s) be?
As a specialist pet photographer, I’ve made sure your pet is always as secure as possible. Whether in studio or on-location, we will always discuss the safest options for your pet(s) first to make sure they are comfortable at every stage of our time together! Please do discuss this further should you have any  specific concerns regarding your pet.


Q: When can I see the images from my photo session?
A: You can see and purchase your images during your viewing and ordering appointment about 1-2 weeks after your photography session. If you prefer to have the viewing session on the same day or (almost) immediately after your photo session, this is also possible – simply let me know at the time of booking. 

Q: I don’t know what I want in terms of products, do I need to?
A: No, not at all! Most of my clients don’t really know either – that’s what I am here for. I will be here helping you all the way, whether you are after that one piece with real ‘wow’ factor or you’d like something smaller, you are sure to go away with the perfect piece for you! If you would like to see the range of my premium products, you will find them here: https://kerto.studio/products/

Q: How can I purchase my images and other products?
A: I will invite you back to see and order your images in the studio about 1-2 weeks after your photo session. Many of my clients have mentioned just how helpful they find this appointment as they can see the size and touch materials of the products on offer, ensuring they have made the correct decisions regarding the types and sizes of the products. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Kerto Studio offers variety of payment options: cash or any credit or debit card that displays a Visa, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club or China Union Pay. Payments plans/direct debit options and Paypal Credit is also accepted. 50/50 is also available (pay 1/2 at viewing and ordering appointment and other half when you collect your products).

Q: How long will you keep my pictures? Can I come back later to purchase more?
A: I keep all of the images I took during your photo session for 3 months, after which I will permanently delete most of them and only keep the images you purchased during your viewing and ordering appointment. You will be able to come back and purchase more/bigger prints, cards, cushions etc. whenever you wish to do so!

Please feel free to get in touch either by email or by calling me – I’m here to help!


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