Wirehaired Vizsla

Sometimes the difference between the original and the edited image can be quite dramatic, other times you can hardly notice any change. Why would that be? Mainly because we are all humans, therefore we are subject to outside influences such as mood changes, weather conditions etc. As an artist first and foremost, my photography reflects these everyday conditions, therefore the editing process of any image may slightly vary from day to day – sometimes the pictures are happy and colourful, other times they reflect a more dramatic mood.

This image received such extreme treatment because I already saw the way I wanted to edit it before I took the picture. I wanted the dog to stand out against that dark background but as with any natural surrounding, there will always be a number of distractions (unwanted ‘debris’ such as reflections, leaves, tiny branches etc.) around the dog. These elements will try and get your eye wondering away from the main subject so I set out to clean most of those elements up in post processing – drag the arrows left and right and spot all the areas I have retouched 🙂