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ROXY, Signature Collection

ROXY – what an amazing model she was! Those ears……(!) and nose…..(!)….. and eyes…..(!) and….quite frankly, everything about her was just…..well wonderful(!!!) !!

Roxy was certainly one of those dogs I wondered whether she would ever bark, at anything! She was so completely chilled out and at ease with the world around her. We got a couple of playful images too where we tried to get her ears to fly but they weren’t quite right….I do have a wind machine but we decided against it as she may have flown out of the window with that! What you need you see, is the ears to fly whilst she’s looking straight to the camera and sitting nicely with her mouth closed, looking all gorgeous etc…all this, we figured, was a bit much to ask of her, so we settled with a nice and simple image instead! 🙂

In terms of the edit, I felt it needed something to make the image a bit less flat ie to make the background go backward a bit more….so I added a landscape to bring in more of a 3D feel to the picture.