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NANCY, before & after

This beautiful 2 year old girl was the sweetest and best behaved dog ever! And that head tilt, well, let me tell you she made my job as a pet photographer far too easy! 
But what did I do here to improve the straight out of the camera image? And why have I blurred the line between the backdrop and the rug…? 
On the day of Nancy’s photo session, I was shopping for a good rug to go with the backdrop and with her beautiful colouring… Luckily I stumbled across this perfect piece which had exactly the same tone as my painted backdrop!!  I couldn’t believe just how perfect it was once I got it on the floor… And during the editing process I decided to get rid of the edge of the rug to eliminate any horisontal lines going through the dog’s body making it appear as though the dog’s been cut to half 🙂  I also brightened up her face a bit and darkened the rug in front, I then added some by with adding extra contrast and tiny bit of clarity. To be honest, I’ve done quite a bit more to it but I can’t remember everything, getting old! 😀