GUNDOGS, before & after

These dogs, OMG!!! All I can say is – be prepared to see a whole lot more of these two!!! 😊
When I asked the owners what items they could bring for this gundog session, there were a list of 5 or 6 things…I didn’t realise this meant 6 black BIN BAGS full of stuff!! Needless to say I was in heaven!! 😋
After 3.5 hours and a few set up changes, we ended up with 1300+ images!!! Then another 3 hours later (wading through and culling all the images!) I ended up with 319 which I’ve labelled 5 starred. Then going through them all again, I ended up with 150 labelled and 5*!!!
Just to put this in context, I take anywhere between 150-300 images during the usual studio sessions, and end up showing 25-70 images to my clients…. You see my problem here!? My ‘problem’ is I ended up with TOO MANY amazing images so I will just keep posting these for the rest of my life I think!!
Oh and another thing: yes you guessed it, I completely and utterly fell for those dogs, nothing new there then!!!
So, here’s the second image from this series, called “Five weeks til Christmas!”


This image was almost there to start off with, however, it needed some tidying up and extra punch to exaggerate the areas I wanted to draw the attention to…