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GUNDOG, Special Edition

Sometimes things just slot in the right their places….this was one of those occasions where everything just ‘happened’. I don’t know how else to describe it but I had a vague image in my head – I wanted to recreate the old masters style image which looked and felt authentic. However, on the morning of this themed photo session, I was still struggling with separate pieces of this ‘puzzle’ and how exactly to put each and every prop together in a visually appealing and at the same time authentic way.

I found a piece of old rope in our Wendy house which happened to have an old abandoned little bird nest inside…very sweet, so I decided to hang it up in the wooden antique box which you see standing at the back open on it’s side. OK, what next? Long story short, I started placing various items here and there until I was happy with the composition (needless to say I have many many pictures of various set ups from this session!!!).

Just a bit of what happens behind the scenes… my friend got me the Pheasants, kept them in the freezer for a few weeks, she then took them out of the freezer on Friday (3 days before this session)…they weren’t too bad but enough for the dogs to think ‘Mum, I don’t really want to sit next to these smelly dead birds…!!!’ 😀 They weren’t too bad, honest!
But what you can’t see in the image is the black bin bags underneath all the straw, to protect my studio backdrops and rugs from dripping blood… Yeah, you didn’t really need to know about that one did you…?! 😀

Would you like me to create something similar for you with your dog(s)? Why not get in touch now to see how I can help you 🙂