Greyhound Kara

Sometimes a dog is too big to fit on props, and sometimes a dog simply doesn’t want to be on anything else but a nice cool floor! Well, what do you do? Photograph them as you can: right there as they are! Yes it does mean a lot of work in postprocessing the images in Photoshop afterwards, but its really worth it for the sake of them looking happy in their element 🙂

This particular shot was one of the very last ones I captured, just before the shot I had pulled out my lanyard of bird and animal sounds to get that look…it was the sound of a distressed fox that got this look I think! 😀
PS. Scroll down for a video of full editing process…

The editing process
This image took about an hour to complete. I always start with duplicating the layer, followed by meticulously cutting out the subject (this is a great time saver!!!)…after which I proceed to removing the subject from background with content aware fill (this step saves a lot of time cleaning around the edges of background later!). I use a new layer to create a nice clean backdrop, using various tools to batch up the various undesired elements in my image. I then add a pre saved file with textures – this helps eliminate various small elements further and basically acts as a ‘cover up’ the same way add noise does. I proceed with final tidy ups and colour corrections until I’m happy with it 🤗 Enjoy the video:

Would you like me to create something similar for you with your dog(s)? Why not get in touch now to see how I can help you 🙂