FAMILY, before and after

See if you can spot all the little and large changes I’ve made here 🙂

There are some obvious things like head-swap and also tummy tuck (another swap actually from another image), but apart from that, many little tweaks have taken place over the course of 2 hours which has gone into editing this image for print. I’ve also done a hyper-lapse video of the process which you will find below, just so that you will get an idea my images are never straight out of the camera…

If you have been browsing through my galleries and wondering how I do it and how my images look the way they do. Well the answer is right here in the video – the devil is in the detail, tiny incremental changes and editing which looks natural at every step on the way.
Award-winning images (especially super detailed fine art photography for print) take a lot of time and effort, not to mention it requires an equally keen eye for detail which is developed over many many years… 😉