On-Location Horse model call in Berkshire.

I am looking to add more horses to my portfolio.  I wanted to concentrate on just photographing dogs for the first year after opening my studio and now the time has come to extend this to horses as well.
So I am looking to photograph a variety of horses – feel free to add more info in the short form below. I also welcome collaborations and suggestion for livery photo sessions with multiple horses. Get in touch if you have anything in particular in mind! 🙂
This model call is for on-location photography at your stables (or wherever you are located) so there is no travel involved at your part.

Great imagery takes time and to produce the best photographs of your horse(s), I would require up to 2 hours per horse.
You will need to provide your own handlers please.

All colours and sizes welcome but long mane and forelock are a must.
All horses are required to stand still with minimal restraint

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Complementary photo session
One 12″x16″ mounted fine art print
Corresponding social media size digital file
-10% off the whole Kerto Studio premium products range

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Please fill in the form below, 1 image per horse (max file size 10MB, max number of horses: 10)
I aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your submission.

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Within 30 miles of Wokingham (in Berkshire)
Model release agreement required

By participating you agree that Kerto Elvin and Kerto Studio may use selected images from your model call photo session freely, without payment or restriction.


Kerto Elvin retains all copyright to all photgraphy and artworks created by Kerto. By commissioning Kerto Elvin, you may use purchased images and artworks works for agreed purpose only, these may include sharing on social media and/or on other websites; displaying your printed products for personal use etc. You are prohibited to distribute, re-distribute, re-purpose or reproduce in part or in full personally or commercially any element of Kerto Elvin’s photography and/or artworks by any media whatsoever. Removal of Kerto’s logo and/or signature from images by editing, digital manipulation or cropping is deemed as copyright infringement as will be liable to prosecution.  If you wish to use Kerto Elvin’s work (photography and/or artworks) in full or part for the promotion of any other business, please contact me to discuss the options.

By participating model calls, fundraisers and competitions you agree that Kerto Elvin and Kerto Studio is free to use selected works  from your commissioned photo session freely without restriction or payment for the non-exclusive purpose of marketing / promotion of Kerto Studio.

Should you need to cancel your photo session, Kerto Elvin will offer an alternative date suitable to you. If you are unable to attend that session, Kerto will provide a credit voucher to the value of your session valid for 6 months.

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There is no guarantee that any particular number of proofs will be produced. As creative artist, Kerto Elvin will aim to select up to 30 images for your slideshow presentation. Proofs will be available for your in-studio “viewing and ordering” session within 2 weeks of your photography session. All orders are due at this time and payment is due in full at the time of the “viewing and ordering” session. Due to nature of ordering tangible products, all orders are final and cannot be changed or refunded after your ordering appointment.

All non-purchased images are archived 90 days after your “viewing and ordering” session or 2 months after the photography session, whichever is sooner. Should you wish to purchase images after 90 days please let me know during your viewing and ordering session and we can agree on extending this time. Additional cost may be applicable, depending on how many images you wish to keep.

Kerto Elvin takes every plausible action to ensure all sessions are undertaken with the utmost care and safety. By commissioning Kerto Elvin you accept all responsibility for any behaviour of your subject which results in injury to any party, or any damage to any location or venue.

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