5 dogs

I thought I’d post an outdoor image here as well for a change…because sometimes you look at a picture and you think, ‘well, I know there must be a lot of work going into this type of image but I’m not sure what’? So this post should show a bit more light into what goes into editing these types of images.
Every photographer is different of course and we all have our style and ways of doing things, but here’s what I tend to do to enhance the images straight out of the camera:

  • I always look for distracting elements in an image and remove them as much as possible (see a big bendy branch at the background?)
  • I clone dogs from other images to get them all looking to the camera
  • I add 3D elements such as mist effect to make the dogs stand out of the background (compare the background in original against the edited image)
  • I get rid of any little elements which come in front of dogs (see if you notice any?)
  • I make the dogs stand out more, making sure there is plenty of detail in all of the dogs (notice the difference in black dogs?)
  • I reduce the blue colour on dogs coats to add warmth to the image

These are just a few things I do, as every image is different so the steps vary of course…