Step two


Time to make it happen


As mentioned, each and every photo session will be individually tailored for your needs, whether location, wardrobe or a special idea you may have - I believe you deserve much more than a 'standard' out of the box service.
Each and every one of us is unique and I want to celebrate YOU! I believe in creating something that fits you like a glove - just as uniquely as you are.
There are many ways we can create your desired look; we have variety of props and clothing items for you to choose from but if you have something in your wardrobe that you feel would look great on you, please feel free to bring it in!

Should you prefer an outdoor photo shoot, to get the best out of your images, I prefer to shoot with as much natural light as possible (but of course it all depends on your vision and the look you’d like to achieve in your images) so I will suggest a time closer to sunrise or sunset to make the most of the warm light during the ‘golden hour’. I have spent many weeks over the years scouting out the best locations for this in my area so I will offer my helping hand suggesting various suitable locations should you need some advise.

On the day of the shoot please allow some extra time for setting up the lighting and other props used in the images (if these are required) beforehand. This will give you some extra time to get ready should you need to correct anything about your outfits, hair, make-up etc. We will then run through the poses and I will guide you throughout the photography session to make sure we get the best images from the session.

Please prepare to set aside at least 1 hour for your photoshoot. But this can take longer, up to 3-4 hours, depending on the number of people being photographed, number of outfits, the location and the complexity of the set up.

TIP: The only way we can make sure you receive the images you are proud to display on your walls, is to work together on achieving the dream you have.