Step three


Where the magic happens

As an artist, first and foremost I specialise in capturing the uniquely beautiful you – masterfully and timelessly.
During this 'creating your artworks' process I will use my artistic skills to enhance each and every image, bringing the best out of it, both photographically and artistically.
But don't worry, I will always consult with you first regarding the features you would like to be more prominent and perhaps there are some features about you which you would like to hide… I will always make sure you are both comfortable and confident with the way the session progresses and the way you will look in your final images.

So, this is the time where all the 'magic' happens. Whether you have chosen a classical portrait session or commissioned Kerto Studio to create a piece of photo art for you, the process is still pretty much the same. At this stage I will be adding my unique touches to each and every image I produce.
Just to give you a rough idea what the images started and ended up like, you can see a couple of before and after examples below.

As camera is Kerto’s chosen ‘paintbrush’, pressing the shutter button is merely a starting point. This is illustrated below where two images from the same maternity photo session was created over a period of several hours. How many tiny differences can you spot in the final images? Drag the center arrows left and right to reveal the before and after images.