Step one


Discussion time

This initial consultation is vital for both of us. This is where we will discuss the finer the details of the images you require: everything from the style, colour-scheme, location, final artworks etc. You can express any concerns you may have over a cup of coffee and I will have the chance to put your mind at rest.
It's important to meet up at first as it will also help me make sure the whole process is fully tailored for your exact needs and doesn't end up as run off a mill session.
If you are planning to include children, I find it helpful to meet them as well so that I am not a stranger on the day.

When it comes to making decisions, I find many people struggle with it and I want to be here and help you with that.
From questions like  "How would you like to be photographed?" and "Where would you love to be photographed?", to "what would you love to wear?" or "What are your favourite colours?" - all those little things will make your session personal to you and will have a huge difference in how you feel on the day. Such details will ultimately have a big impact on the final images we have designed together.

You will also receive a guide on how to prepare for your photography session - this will help you with smaller details not to miss on the day.

During this initial consultation you will also have a chance to view and touch our beautiful range of archival quality products which are designed to outlive even your future great great grand kids!