Music for my videos

Posted by: Kerto Comments: 0 Post Date: January 13, 2016

There are many free music clips sites out there but I’ve been struggling to find something unique that would fit with my videos displaying my image editing process, so I just decided to write my own! 🙂
Well with a little help from an App on my phone called ‘Soundcamp’. It makes writing music very easy indeed…and although I’ve had 7 years of music school education, it would be considerably more time-consuming to create something like this from scratch!
For all you music-lovers – find more tracks: on my Soundcloud account

PS. You may be wondering why the strange ‘DJ’ name? Well, I’ve inherited it since I called myself Kerto on Facebook as people found my surname (Koppel-Catlin) very difficult to pronounce so I thought I’d add ‘Is-Optional’ as my surname and it stuck ever since! In fact someone mentioned it makes a great name for a DJ! I have since got married and changed my name!

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