Music for my videos

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There are many free music clips sites out there but I’ve been struggling to find something unique that would fit with my videos displaying my image editing process, so I just decided to write my own! 🙂
Well with a little help from an App on my phone called ‘Soundcamp’. It makes writing music very easy indeed…and although I’ve had 7 years of music school education, it would be considerably more time-consuming to create something like this from scratch!
For all you music-lovers – find more tracks: on my Soundcloud account

PS. You may be wondering why the strange ‘DJ’ name? Well, I’ve inherited it since I called myself Kerto on Facebook as people found my surname (Koppel-Catlin) very difficult to pronounce so I thought I’d add ‘Is-Optional’ as my surname and it stuck ever since! In fact someone mentioned it makes a great name for a DJ! I have since got married and changed my name!

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