Lisse Tulip fields

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Part three of this series from Belgium.
As it was raining at Hallerbos, we decided to drive north to see if we can find some tulip fields instead (as it’s the right time of the year!). I really didn’t fancy getting soaked photographing bluebells as after all I managed to get some good shots the day before…so off we were!
On our way to Lisse, we came across some people wearing yellow jackets, managing thousands of cars and coaches in the area. Came out, some roads were going to be closed very shortly due to it being the opening day of the annual Flower festival! How lucky were we?!?!? Perhaps I should do a separate blog entry on all the decorated cars at Noordvijk? I think I might, so watch this space.
But now, a few colourful pictures of Lisse…










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