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Finally we have some snow – yeeey! Well, it was OK yesterday but today is a different story! We are all literally snowed in, yes another one of those things Brits do very well…!
So I just couldn’t stay in…I had to get out and get some snowy imagery!

So Pat and I decided to head out towards Hambleden in search for more snow, hoping there’s more on higher grounds, that wasn’t the case…however, the weather forecast promised some so we hang about waiting. It didn’t take long until it started snowing beautiful big flakes, til you couldn’t see very far at all! We actually came close to a white-out!

The images below tell the story of British changing weather: one moment it was beautifully sunny, the next it was blizzard…

I get asked a lot about what do I do to my images as they look like paintings…

Each images gets slightly different treatment according to the mood of the image and my vision as to what I want that image to look like. I have added an example above – at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between before and after. But if you look closer, you will notice considerable amount of small changes…some of them are more noticeable, others very subtle.
For this image, I made a number of changes (see if you can spot them all!?):

  • Pulled back highlights – I tend to slightly over-expose my images as I know I can pull all the detail back in the highlights, but digital cameras can’t handle darks that well, so once you’ve under-exposed something, as soon as you try and brighten the shadows, you’ll start introducing noise and undesirable artefax.
  • Then I cloned out the horrible power line
  • Next, I started finding more, smaller things which didn’t add to the over-all look of the image so I simply got rid of them: drainage cover and edge in the road; gap in the hedge (close to the right side of the image); mirrors at the entrance to the house; some debris from the road…
  • I also straightened the image as the verticals weren’t at 90 degrees so the house, electric posts and fence all looked crooked
  • Nearly there, but going over the image once again with a fine tooth comb, I then wasn’t 100% happy with the edge of the road on left where the snow appeared at a straight line…I cloned a piece of tarmac in there and erased bits I didn’t want to make it look a bit more natural
  • A couple of other changes included creating 50% grey layers for both dodge and burn using black and white brush to darken and lighten certain areas in the image
  • Finally, I desaturated the yellows and greens for more pleasing look to bring out clarity of the day…

This really tickled me, a sign on someone’s gate: “Trespassers will be composted”

This was so surreal…it was snowing in church yard, where this cockerel was freely running about…

Approaching snow cloud…the one which caused a white-out moments later…

Those snowy grooves in the ground made rather interesting feature in the landscape

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