Camera is just the beginning!

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I decided to make a video of my editing process. I get asked all the time what goes into my image editing process. And the best way to answer I thought was with a video.
Below is just one example with one image. I take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours to edit images from a single photo session. I believe the devil really is in the detail, hence I make sure each and every image I present to my clients, will have gone though this scrutiny.

I actually end up discarding 90-95% of the images and I consider only 5-10% of the images worthy of any editing… Mind the culling process in itself can be very time-consuming: all the tiny little expressions in people’s faces, plus various different elements in images (I will write a separate blog post on this one day!) all play part of the decision process at to why images end up in the bin. Most often because they just don’t have that WOW factor, which I am always looking for.

I’m glad I recorded This video (must remember to do it more often!).
As an “Artist with a camera”, the camera really is just the beginning – enjoy!
PS: notice the start time, 15:22 (the actual starting time was about 10 minutes earlier), and the finish time 16:30.

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